See what other young people have said about their stay at Broughton House

“I had to stay at Broughton House when mum had to go into hospital.  Mum had had some issues for a while but things got really bad and she had to go to Nolan House for her mental health.  The service was a good support and I was able to go back home when mum was out of hospital and back on her feet” (female aged 15).

“I had been removed from mum’s care as DOCS said she couldn’t care for me properly and placed with my dad.  When my dad died I had to go to Broughton House until DOCS could find me somewhere to go.  I was really scared about going there but it was not at all like I thought it would be” (male aged 15).

“Dad asked me to leave home when I came out to my family that I was gay. I spent months couch hopping between friend’s houses before I had the courage to ask for some support.  YES gave me information and support to help me work things out.  I’m now living with my grandparents and still trying to work things out with the rest of my family” (male 17).

“Good mix of security and freedom”, “Fair rules and expectations”, “Good ‘home’ environment”.

“Good support”

“Helping with skills that I needed to get a house.  Staff have encouraged me to go to school – I have needed this because I am not always motivated to do this on my own”.

“Staff are nice”, “My case manager is helpful and I feel like I am getting what I need from the whole team”.

“Better than other refuges”, “you can keep your phone”, “you can go out after curfew”, “friendly environment”